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Department of Physics

We here in KV IOC Noonmati are having a well equipped laboratory in Physics. We are having all the necessary apparatus required for conducting senior secondary practical like Potentiometer, Battery eliminator , Ammeters , Voltmeters , Galvanometers , Meter Bridge along with Hook's Law apparatus , Parallelogram law apparatus , screw gauge , Vernier calipers ,Spherometer etc. Also glass slabs, mirrors, lenses, simple pendulum ete.for conducting secondary stage practicals. In addition to this there are two display boards which display the latest informations and events related to Physics. Furniture in the lab is as per requirement .Because of all these reasons we can smoothly conduct practical classes regularly. Every year we complete all the experiments prescribed by C.B.S.E.

Report on Computer Senior Laboratory

The senior computer laboratory is well equipped with sufficient number of computers in a local area network.
All the computers are installed with original softwares.All the required softwares according to the CBSE syllabus was available.
Regular laboratory classes are conducted since the beginning of the session
Various activities like senior presentation and information system projects are also conducted.

All the students show great interest in laboratory classes along with their concerned subjects and having a record of scoring hundred percent result.

Report on Chemistry Lab

Chemistry laboratory of K.V. IOC Noonmati is well equipped with a lot of chemicals, Several chemical Apparatus,different charts and chemical models.
Maximum practicals performed as per the K.V.S and C.B.S.E. norms
(i) Salt Analysis
(ii) Volumetric titration
(iii) Separations
(iv) PH Values
(v)Group Test during the session ending Students performed a Project work related to life science Every year the Students take part in Science exhibition and science quize competition ,in the whole Students make such type of creative learning environment.