Scouts and Guides Corner





The vidyalaya has a very effective and efficient troop of scouts and guides along with cubs and bulbuls. Students of the vidyalaya follow different activities inside the school as well as the outside environment. In this process they achieved different certificates in the district, national and international levels. There are a total of 8 nos. of trained teachers in the vidyalaya. one of them is a male scouter under the able guidance of Hon. Asst. Commissiner, Education Officers and other well wishers, the vidyalaya is progressing day by day in this field.


Activities conducted in the year

Celebration of Flag Day:

The Day starts with Flag hoisting ceremony .Children actively participated in the flag procedure. Cubs, bulbuls, Scouts & Guides along with Scouts Master, Guide Captain, Cub Master, attended this Program. Program starts with Message, Distribution of Flag stickers among the scouts, guides, cubs, bulbul & scouter Guider of the Vidyalaya. Along with this flag the principal made distribution to the scouts and guides, after that a small lunch was given to the all students. After that some activities like slogan writing, drawing, poem of scout and guide theme was given to the students. The entire program went on healthy environment and lastly a game was played among the students and they all enjoyed the game besides this Children play different games for promoting physical fitness under the leadership of Scout Masters &Guide Captain of the Vidyalaya. Finally the program ends with lowering the flag and  a hope for  strengthening of Scouts Guides movement in our vidyalaya.


Parvesh was done of new students along with registration amount.Partham Sopan Test, Dwittya Sopan test was conducted in our school .passed out students were made ready for the tirtya sopan  test they were asked to update their  dresses. .20 students participated in Tritya sopan test in KV BORJHAR, 12 scouts and 8 guides participated in the Tritya Sopan test held at KV BORJHAR.  All these students successfully passed the tritya sopan test. They were asked to share their experience with the other scouts and guides.


Activities Planned

  • A hiking program will be conducted in the month of December 2016.
  • All the passed scouts and guides of Tritya Sopan test were made the patrol leader and they will guide the other scout to pass the Tritya Sopan test.
  • All the scout and guides were asked to update their dress and make two sets of dress


Hoping a target of 50% enrolment listing in future course of time.